Which Massage Therapy Is Right For You?

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Which Massage Therapy Is Right For You?

23 January 2020
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Massage is something that many people will benefit from in the courses of their lives even if they only have one or two sessions and don't enjoy it regularly. If you are the sort of person who is considering a massage to help you relax or to deal with twinges in your muscles, for instance, then you may not realise that there are many different forms of massage therapy to choose between. Read on to find out more about the most common forms of massage therapy available in Australia today.

Swedish Massage

If you have not specified which sort of massage you want, then chances high are that your masseur will provide you with a Swedish one. This sort of massage is offered throughout the country in places like wellness centres and gyms. It is a good option if you are completely new to massage and want to get to know more about it. Swedish massage is generally considered to be good for dealing with stress and for helping muscles to recover from modest exertion.

Thai Massage

This is another popular form of massage therapy that takes several of its moves from yoga. Firm presses on your muscles are a characteristic of Thai massage, as well as holding you in certain postures that can stretch your body. Thai massage is known to be good if you suffer from headaches or balance problems. Deeply ingrained tension can be relieved with this form of massage.

Sports Massage

Linked to physiotherapy techniques, sports massage is designed to focus on your soft body tissues. People who have over-exerted themselves physically like it because it is centred on certain muscle groups that tend to become strained during intense exercise. Lots of compression techniques as well as joint-mobilisation methods are used to help you recover quickly and be ready for your next sporting endeavour. If you get a sports massage, generally speaking, it will be over sooner than either a Swedish or a Thai massage session.


Although reflexology focuses on your feet – or, in some cases, your hands – it can help your entire body to heal. Reflexologists are specially trained to allow reflex areas of your feet to respond to manipulation. Each part of the foot is associated with another part of the body, so it becomes possible for your whole body to be relaxed with just a single reflexology session. In fact, it is sometimes used to treat chronic conditions, too.

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