Looking for a Great Yoga Teacher? 3 Virtues That Indicate You Got One

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Looking for a Great Yoga Teacher? 3 Virtues That Indicate You Got One

10 August 2020
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Yoga has really evolved a lot these days, and its meaning has also changed. For this reason, it's hard for most learners to understand this practice or even enjoy most of its benefits without a yoga teacher. However, choosing the right yoga teacher is also a tall order for most learners because they perhaps don't know the qualities a great yoga teacher should have. 

Without the right yoga teacher, the learner won't enjoy the exercise or even find it exciting. So if you need a yoga teacher for your yoga sessions, see the virtues that indicate you just got the right one.

Infinite Passion for Yoga

A teacher who isn't passionate about yoga can hardly help you get the most out of it. Passionate yoga teachers easily help the learners to change their attitude towards the practice and love it more. Moreover, they are more focused on how the exercise could benefit the learners than anything else. 

A passionate yoga teacher doesn't just tell the students what to do, but they also live and breathe the practice. They usually teach the learners various safe postures and other yoga techniques to help them find the true meaning of this practice. Moreover, passionate teachers do their best to make yoga lessons more authentic and fulfilling.

Ability to Tune in to the Learner's Expectations

Every yoga learner joins the practice with certain expectations. And for this reason, they look for yoga teachers who can connect with what they are looking for. With this in mind, you should look for a yoga teacher with good intuition or instincts. They help the teacher to know when the practice is working for you or perhaps when they need to change their training techniques to suit your expectations. Intuition also makes the teacher know how they could make the sessions educative and supportive to meet the learner's needs.

Not Egocentric

A great yoga teacher doesn't feel they have mastered the practice; they instead feel obliged to learn something new each day. Even if they have learned a lot about yoga and perhaps spend many hours on the mat, they should embrace ongoing learning. This character helps the learners to appreciate the practice and grow more. 

The teacher should also attend yoga training and workshops to fuel their passion and also stretch with the students to make the class more practical. No matter how much yoga a teacher knows, they should always cultivate a proactive relationship and focus more on what the students need to know.

As a yoga learner, you won't get the true meaning of this practice without the right teacher. If you get the right teacher, achieving your yoga expectations won't be a hard nut to crack. A great yoga teacher should be passionate, able to tune in to your expectations and not egocentric.