Why Do You Need a Personal Trainer?

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Why Do You Need a Personal Trainer?

15 January 2021
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You need to understand that a woman's and man's bodies are not the same physically and biologically. Therefore, even though you find men and women sharing some exercise activities, most of them have to be modified to fit a woman's physical and biological state. Here are some of the factors you might consider when looking for personal trainers for women:


Women undergo a menstrual cycle that makes their bodies feel different at various stages of the cycle. For example, during the first few days, you may be feeling some cramping or discomfort; this might make you feel like resting (on these days, you may not feel like doing any exercise).

A second example is that during ovulation, you may feel a little bit weak or uncomfortable while exercising. On the other hand, exercising during your menstrual cycle might help you feel better.

A personal trainer for women knows this and will even ask about your cycle to help you understand your body and organise an exercise schedule based on it.


After you reach menopause, your body will become weaker; that is why personal trainers for women recommend you start exercising early to form a foundation of strength. This strength can give you an energy boost to carry out the majority of exercises during your post-menopause years.

Your Physical Difference to Men

A woman's pelvic area is more complex, and that is why extra care needs to be taken when lifting weights and doing other forms of exercises. Damaging these muscles can cause prolapse, which is the sagging of your organs; you might even have problems urinating or passing stool.

A personal trainer for women knows this and will consider your pelvic muscle complex design when recommending exercises to perform.


Pregnant women need exercise too; it helps keep your body active and fresh and even helps make normal delivery easier. For pregnant women, ensure that the personal trainer you are choosing is qualified and licensed to train pregnant women; you do not want to risk your pregnancy by visiting a non-qualified trainer.

Should You Choose Male or Female Personal Trainer for Women?

You may be persuaded to think that a personal trainer for women should be female because a woman will better understand a woman's body. This is not the case; men are also good personal trainers for women. The only reason that should make you choose a male or female personal trainer is your preference.